NEW ADDICTION: The Carrie Diaries

YES! In September it finally begins: The Carrie Diaries!

Since I'm very addicted to Sex And The City and read all the books, I really looking forward to this new serie The Carrie Diaries. It's such an awesome story, and I am really curious for the outfits the young Carrie will wear! I think that AnnaSophia Robb is the perfect young Carrie! So here some pictures of the young Carrie Bradshaw and the older Carrie!

Just love the combination of the high-waist shorts and the flower blouse!

The older Carrie Bradshaw still wears a lot of colorfull outfits, but in a more grown-up-way.

And that Prada clutch... OMG! Wanna have! (Dream on, Zoë!)
What do you think about the style Carrie Bradshaws style?
Which one do you prefer: the younger or the older Carrie?

xoxo Zoë

bron: google.com

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