NEW DIARY: Instagram week 20/21

Again an Instagram diary!
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What you see:
1: The beautiful garden at my parents home
2: Bought last weekend the new ELLE and VOGUE. I love to read magazines in the sun :-)
3: My two new shirts from Zara.
4: Pretty pastel nails :-)
5: After school Anouk and I had a "blogger meeting" With delicious soda's and bread!
6: Home-made croissants on sunday morning! <3
7: My awesome skull shirt (from Zara)
8: Beautiful flowers at my friends new home
9: I love this trouser my mom made for me!
10: Homemade cupcakes (yes I love cooking and baking)
11: De Kromme Rijn where I went swimming last weekend (the weather was SO great here in holland!)
12: My lovely cat Frits.

Enjoy your weekend!

xoxo Zoƫ

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