NEW OUTFIT: Sailor Stripes

Outfit of last thursday! 
This is what I was wearing when my boyfriend and I went shopping for a new camera. The shirt that I'm wearing is made by ME!! I'm so proud of it and I just really love it!

What I was wearing:
H&M | jacket (old), necklace and bracelet
ZARA | bag
LEVI'S | jeans
VANS | shoes
I bought my watch last year in Portugal, it's from Parfois. I really wish there was a Parfois store here in Holland (so I could buy more of those amazing watches! ;-))

Enjoy your sunday!
x Zoƫ

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  1. The dress is well cut and put together solidly. I will say that it is not the best quality of material, but it does not look cheap. Great purchase and price point, so I would buy again!


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