NEW DIARY: Instagram week 27/28

I know I skipped a few weeks of my instagram diary... But I have been so busy lately! This is of the past two weeks, the first weeks of my summer vacation. 

What are you looking at?
1. Say hello to my new friends! :-)
2. Yummy dinner with Anouk in Maastricht
3. My future wedding cake made of macarons
4. THE key! My boyfriend has got a new apartment and I got a key too! :-)
5. Fireworks in Utrecht
6. My new bracelet I really love
7. Ombre glitters :-)
8. Baked pancakes with my best friend Jasmijn! 
9. And we drank some wine...
10. Our matching bracelets
11. Fancy toes
12. Nice salad I made myself

What are your plans for the summer holidays?

xoxo Zoƫ

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