NEW DIARY: Eternal love tattoo

I saw on the internet a symbol for eternal love and I really wanted this as tattoo.
But I decided to wait for more than a year to be sure that I really want it.

My sister had the same thoughts about the tattoo and we decided to make it our tattoo.
So a few days ago we went to the shop and here is the result!


The last time I smiled.. :-)

The result! 

Hand in hand with my boyfriend :-)

What do you think of tattoos?
I'm curious..

xoxo Anouk


  1. Wauw je tattoo is echt super mooi <3

  2. Lovely tattoo, I saw a similar one a while back on Tumblr and think it looks great!! :)

    Happy new year,

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  3. love it ! I have five of them, and always want more. this one i saw on net too, and like "wan t it want it..


  4. Stunning tatoo!
    I always wanted a 'Ying-Yang' one behind
    my right ear ! :)


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