NEW DIARY: Introduction day #1

Today was our first introduction day at school.
It was kinda weird to go to school again, especially when we realized that this is our last year at the GLU.

We're having such a great time here, but we can't wait to get our diplomas.

We have a new class, so our tutor decided to play the game 'Wie is de mol?'
With games you always get to know each other better :-)
It was a sunny day with drinks at Walden and playing games in downtown Utrecht.
So, here is a little impression of our first introduction day.

Zoë at Walden.

Delicious soda!

Dom tower

Zoë her outfit!

Zoë wore the next items:

Zara | Loafers and pants
H&M | Jacket and blouse
Obey | Bag

Anouk her outfit.

Anouk wore the next items:

H&M | Shoes and Blazer
Zara | Jeans
Nelly | Bag and blouse

It was such a lovely day and tomorrow we're going to Antwerp with the class!
And we will visit the FOMU for the exhibition 'From Here On'.

xoxo Zoë en Anouk

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