NEW DIARY: Summertime!

A BIG Instagram diary full off summertime photo's!

What do you see? (From left to right):

1. My DIY project with my blouse, as you can see in the post here
2. After rain comes.... SUNSHINE!
3. Drinks with Anouk
4. The place where we had drinks ;-)
5. Chocolate fondue with my mom and sister
6. My new necklace!
7. Me with a new haircut
8. Piña Colada's with Anouk at our weekly date
9. Love my loafers
10. Beautiful sky and insanely hot weather!
11. <3 pancakes!
12. In loooovvveeeee with my new bikerboots
13. The place where me and my boyfriend ate pancakes :-)
14. At the beach!
15. Still at the beach!
16. Also at the beach!
17. Bbq with the girls
18. Gotta love the beach! <3

What have you been up to this summer? 

xo Zoë

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