NEW DIY: Customized blouse

A new DIY!
How to make a nice collar on your simple blouse? It's super easy and fun to do!

This is what you need:
1. A blouse (this one I made myself)

2. Old beads (I used mini shells from old and broken earrings)
3. Mini scissors
4. Needle and thread

In case you use old earrings/jewelry like I did, 
you must get the beads/shells loose from the jewelry. 

This is very easy to do with the mini scissors.

When you got all the beads loose, you just sew them up on the collar of your blouse!

I chose to sew the shells not too close to each other so it's not too symmetric.

And this is the end result! :-)

What do you think about it?
 I'm really curious about your opinion! 
And if you are going to make yourself an awesome collar, please send us an picture of it! :-)

Enjoy your weekend!
x Zoƫ


  1. That looks so pretty! You are so creative!

  2. Hee girlies >3

    Wauw echt creatief! Dit ga ik ook proberen haha!
    Ik heb jullie genomineerd op mijn blog voor de “Liebster blog award”.
    Check it out at: http://www.its-dash.blogspot.nl/2012/08/liebster-blog-award-1.html

    xoxo Dascha

    1. Hee Dasha!

      Ahw super tof zeg! Echt heel lief dat je aan ons heb gedacht! Wat leuk!!


  3. Zooooo leuk!
    Hanne x mangelmoes.blogspot.be


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