I'm so happy with my order I had to share it with you!
Normally I look at the price before I buy something, but today I choose for quality.
The reason why I did that was I'm never satisfied with the quality of compact cameras.
And that's also the reason why I never make a lot of outfit pictures.
But I promise, this change after wednesday 'cause then I receive the camera!

I ordered the Olympus PEN e-pm1 camera with two lenses.

DPreview said the next things about it:
'The Olympus E-PM1 Micro Four Thirds camera inherits a similar styling of the company's XZ-1 enthusiast compact. It is point-and-shoot upgrader and features a 460,000 dot LCD and what's claimed to be the world's fastest AF. To go with the user-friendly size, Olympus has opted for a beginner-orientated design and interface, with the bare minimum of buttons and dials. 
Hidden underneath, though, the E-PM1 retains much the same feature set as the enthusiast-targeted E-P3. The more-advanced functions aren't quite as easy to get at, but they're almost all there.

Overall, the PEN Mini conveys the feel of a well-executed simplification of the E-PL3, offering nearly all the features of its sibling while reducing the price. 
Basic image quality remains essentially unchanged, without making the lower-end unit feel like a stripped-down budget model.'

Can't wait to show you some photos with it!

xoxo Anouk

source: dpreview.com / imaging-resource.com

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