NEW DIARY: Instagram week 36/37

Wonder what I have been up to the past few weeks?

The past few weeks were the last week of my summer vacation and the beginning of the new school year! So I decided to make the most of it in the last summer days... 

What are you looking at?
1. Delicious nacho's queso at Havana with Anouk
2. View from the Vondelpark in Amsterdam
3. Coffee amaretto
4. The september issues from ELLE and Vogue, perfect for a rainy day
5. "We can make images do anything. All we need is an eye, a brain, a camera, a phone, a laptop, a scanner, a point of view." This was a part of the exhibition in Antwerp.
6. My sweet boyfriend bought me this delicious chocolate bar <3
7. Picknick in the Vondelpark with Anouk
8. First dinner at my boyfriends new apartment :-)
9. The fashion junkies ;)
10. Me and Minnie <3
11. Soda's at Walden during our introduction days with school
12. Disneyland Paris! As you can see here I went the last weekend of my vacation to Disney!

xoxo Zoƫ


  1. Hi Meid,

    Mooie foto's ! Cool die koffie dat is echt iets wat je moet leren dacht ik ;)

    Ik kwam toevallig op je blog en ben direct verslaafd dus moet ik je wel achtervolgen ;)

    P.S Wil jij ook een Snake Wrap Oorbel winnen ?! Doe dan mee !




    1. He Janice,

      Bedankt voor je reactie!
      We gaan mee doen aan je actie :-)
      Toffe blog heb je!



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