NEW EVENT: VOGUE fashion's night out

Every fashion lover knows about this event.
Yesterday, 13 september, was the first VOGUE fashion's night out in Amsterdam.
And of course, we were there too :-)
It was so busy! We only went to de Bijenkorf because we had a very long day at school and we were really tired.
But the event was very nice!

They made a big event of it, with music, acts and a fashion show at the Dam. 
Unfortunately we couldn't make it for the fashion show, because we had dinner first. 

At the entrance of de Bijenkorf.

Inside there was also music!


We got a delicious soda :-)

This is a handkerchief from Tommy Hilfiger. We got it personalized with our initials. 
They send it to our home adress. Hopefully we will receive them soon!

Zoë got a flower at Wolford!

Another fashion show

Vogue goodies

Customized Vogue t-shirt by Avelon

The amazing high Jan Taminiau shoes

The very very nice Jan Taminiau

Here you could learn to walk with Jan himself on his sky high heels.

Hermès window

Louis Vuitton window

These beautiful Mercedes cars brought you to the PC Hooftstraat

There were even yellow cabs!

Zoë her outfit:

H&M | Blazer, jacket, shirt, skirt
ZARA | shoes, bag
ICHI | tights
RIVER ISLAND | necklace

Anouk her outfit:

ZARA | Jeans, parka
VINTAGE | shirt
VJ-STYLE | bag

We had a very fun evening. It was really cool to see lots of different fashion people. 
There was enough to do in Amsterdam, but unfortunately is was way too busy.

Did you go to the Vogue FNO?

xoxo Anouk and Zoë


  1. so jealous seeing everyone's fno posts, i missed mine :(


    1. Ahh that's too bad!
      Next time you should be there! It's so fun :-)


  2. Wat een gave foto's. Het ziet er super uit.

    Fijn weekend!



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