NEW PERSONAL: My favorite books

Since I'm a bit of a bookwurm I thought it would be fun what my favorite books are I have read recently.

To begin: The Carries Diaries! Who doesn't know this book right?! 
This book is so amazing. When I read it I wished I could be Carrie haha!

And then: The hundred year old man who stepped out of the window and disappeared!
HA! How many times did I laugh out loud while reading! I can't wait for the film of this book!

Summer and the City is a sequel of the Carries Diaries. 
I think it's also a really fun book, but I like the Carries Diaries better...

Do you know about the book serie of Carlos Ruiz Zafón? 
It includes: The shadow of the wind (De schaduw van de wind), The game of the angel (Het spel van de engel) and his last book: The prisoner of heaven (De gevangene van de hemel). 
I only read 'the game of the angel' but I have all the three books at home. 
The story of The game of the angel is SO exciting, I couldn't even sleep at night after I read a little in this book. 
I really want to read the other two stories too! These books are really a must read!

Who doesn't know the Help?! 
I have seen the movie, but the book is nothing like that and MUCH better and fun! Also a must read!

And last but certainly not least: Een schitterend gebrek (A great lack) by Arthur Japin, a dutch writer. This book is about a romance what can never happen. 
It's such a beautiful story. I read this book a while ago but it is still in my mind.

As you can see, the kind of books I like are pretty different from each other. 
I like romances in a book, but also a dark and exciting story. 
I hear lots of people about 50 shades of grey... I think I'll go for that one to the library :-)

Do you like reading? And what do you think about my favorite books?

xoxo Zoë

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