Instagram diary

And here's an another diary post! 
It's kinda boring.. but hey, what do you expect? We had three weeks full of exams..
We will promise that our next diary is full of adventures!
And it will be.. 'cause we have some amazing ideas in mind ;-)

Well o well.. What do you see on Anouk her pictures?

1. Modefabriek! It was amazing to see your name on a card.. it felt so weird haha.
2. Beautiful dresses at Modefabriek.
3. Henschotermeer, where I took my outfit pictures.
4. My best mate and I.
5. A relaxing sunday afternoon.. watching the movie It with some snacks.
6. Hmm, a delicious lunch with Zoë at Keek. 
We needed it so bad.. it was freezing outside!
7. As you know I went to China Light Festival.. Beautiful dragon, right?
8. China Light Festival #2
9. Delicious pasta pesto with chicken, my favorite <3
10. Me in the train with my new sweater.
11. My mother took this picture while I was asleep..
Nina has this habit that when you're asleep she crawls next to you, so sweet!
12. Love this watch :-)

And now Zoë's week...
1. Some fresh juice to make it through the tough exam days!
2. The backyard covered by the snow
3. Anouk and I when we had our day off!
4. The delicious hot chocolate we drank that same day
5. Beautiful sunset
6. And the delicious cheesecake we ate that same day! ;-)
7. I won a subscription at ELLE! A whole year every month the ELLE! Thank you so much :-)
8. Girls night with my babes!
9. Ofcourse: Modefabriek :-)
10. Those dresses were beautiful!
11. My always happy and satisfied Frits <3
12. Mediterranean cheese... Best. Cheese. Ever!

So.. what have you been up to the past few weeks?

XO Anouk & Zoë


  1. Lovely pics!I like your blog. Whta about following each other?

  2. Leuke foto's! en je bent naar China light geweest? hoe was het? :D ik wilde eerst ook gaan, maar na zoveel foto's gezien te hebben heb ik zoiets van laat maar XD Xx

  3. ahw, plaatje nummer 11 is zoo lief.!

  4. Super leuk zo jullie instagram foto's te zien!!
    Jullie schrijven super leuke dingen op jullie blog!!


  5. Hope both your exams went ok :) I love instagram posts-that dog is so cute!!



  6. cute pics, i just followed u guys! Kisss

  7. Great photos, I love your watch




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