Instagram adventures of Anouk

Two weeks has passed, so here is an another instagram diary full of food, graduation and other pictures.
It feels like a long holiday for me, but I'm definitely going to work or keep myself busy.
You can always follow us, by the way! @zoemontijn and @anoukvanburken are our names on instagram.

My diary is (again) full of food pictures, but what more?

1. I had this delicious lunch with Dascha. I really love meatballs haha.
2. Marloes and I went to 'de Plantage' for eating tapas. 
3. Fondue with family.
4. 'Rijstevlaai', 'cause it was my mother her birthday.
5. Hello Groningen!
6. Hell yeah, I'm accepted for my next study!
7. I'm ready for graduation.
8. My Valentine Zoƫ during a delicious tapas dinner.
9. Beautiful friends during the graduation.
10. Nina.
11. And again going out for dinner haha. I went with my sister and daddy to the pizzeria.
12. Bowling game with friends. There was one big winner that night as you can see haha.

How is/was your week? Any special plans?
Well, enjoy your day! :-)

XO Anouk


  1. Lekker al dat eten!! ziet er goed uti xx

  2. Al dat lekker eten!
    Ik krijg er spontaan honger van!

    x Denbelle

  3. so pretty :)
    giveaway on my blog,
    i would be happy if you join in :)

  4. Super leuke foto's!! Heel erg bedankt voor het stemmen!


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