Instagram adventures of Zoë and Anouk

Tumtumtum, here's an another diary of the adventures of Zoë and Anouk!
We're planning on doing every two weeks a diary, 'cause then it's interesting enough for you to watch it.
And this diary is more fun than the one before! Bye bye exams, Hello free time! :-)

Well o well, what do you see at Anouk her pictures?
1. Taking a long walk with Nina. 
2. On our way! And yes I need to pluck my eyebrows :-p
3. I had a dinner with my boyfriend in Doorn. Those Greek tapas were amazing!
4. Sweet present from my sister for my graduation.
5. Delicious lunch with Zoë and Manon. Well, it was more of a graduation meal.
6. Hot choco!
7. Having some drinks with the class at Stairway.
8. Nina, my hairy blanket <3
9. My boyfriend loves to cook, so he surprised me with a pasta.
10. It was so cold in the Netherlands. This is a good way of keeping your feet warm. :-)
11. Fashion show of Dennis Diem. 
12. And we're in!

Zoë's past two weeks were all about graduation lunches/dinners/desserts, new things in life and DIY-ing!
1. I made my own blouse (look a like from the zara one
2. And this is the result! I am so happy with it! And proud of myself haha.
3. A delightful chocolate muffin <3
4. My new iPhone cover!
5. The two of us on our way to the Dennis Diem show.
6. At the Dennis Diem show, which you can read all about here.
7. There it is... My graduation cake! YUM!
8. I've received a beautiful bag from Seasonbags.nl!
9. Selfie with my new lipstick :-)
10. And the big & yummy graduation lunch with the girls.
11. Sumo Sushi with my lovely sister! She took me out for dinner as a gift for my graduation.
12. Last, but certainly not least: Say.... hello.... to.... my new TATTOO! Couldn't be more happy with it! I actually got tattooed yesterday! What do you guys think?

Enjoy your day! We are going to spend the day sightseeing in Den Haag! (You gotta do something with that enormous free time ;-))

XO Anouk & Zoë


  1. Wat een leuke diary. Ik heb spontaan trek in chocola, how come? Haha. super stoer je tattoo!!!!! Ik wil ook, maar ben een beetje bang haha

  2. Wauw, echt een prachtige tattoo Anouk!En nog gefeliciteerd met jullie diploma alletwee :) De lunches zien er heeeerlijk uit!

  3. I love the way your boyfriend make pasta for u:)
    M jealous. hehehe, kiddin


  4. Wat leuk om te zien!
    Ik volg jullie nu met GFC.

    Liefs Kirsten

  5. It all looks amazing!



  6. love your new cover!

  7. Mmm... I love all the pictures of food :)
    And the tattoo is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!

    Started following you, great posts.


  8. Aww the dog!! Visit http://www.urbanfashionstylee.blogspot.mx and check my new post!! �� Petite palm tree ��


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