Thoughts about January

Normally I don't have the feeling to talk about my life or something personal.
But January was a month to talk about, it was energy sucking but I loved every moment of it.
There were so many new experiences on our path and of course our final exam.
I can remember that Zoë and I said to each other 'this going to be our year!'
We didn't know that things would go that fast for us!

1. Exams
I can learn pretty easy and have never any troubles before with making important tests or exams.
Maybe that's my biggest pitfall. When everything goes easy for me, I'm becoming easy.
But this final exam went totally different than my usual exams.
At the very last moment I really didn't know if I would pass this exam, because my results weren't that great.
Fortunately everything turned out to be alright in the end, but I can't say that I'm very proud of myself.

2. Modefabriek
This was our very first time we went to the Modefabriek.
We were full of wondering what it was all about, 'cause we heard so many great things about it.
Even if it was during our energy sucking exam month..
We had to see this for once through our very own eyes and I must say.. I like what I saw!
There were so many beautiful bloggers (but too scared to say 'hi') and amazing items.

3. Amsterdam Fashion Week
We are Dennis Diem and his team so grateful for this experience!
You see shows on the internet or read about it on other blogs, but when you're sitting there in real life...
It's so different and much more fun! I felt so weird, a sort of adrenaline kick..
I can't imagine how the models must feel when they walk a big show.
This was one of my best moment of January.. the collection was amazing and also the experience itself.

4. New look
I must say.. I was a little bit scared. I was going to cut 4.3 inches (or 11 cm) of my hair!
My mom always said that long hair makes me face 'fat and boring'.
I can't give her wrong, 'cause I look more natural with this hair.

At least.. I'm glad that I have somebody who joins the ride with me.
I think things would be boring without Zoë next to me.

So, tell me guys.. what was your biggest up or down from January?!

XO Anouk


  1. Ik vind je haar heel erg leuk! Mooie kleur en het ziet er fris uit. Don't worry, hair will be growing!



  2. Thanks for your lovely comment and happy weekend!

  3. Me encanta el collar!!!


  4. hi dear,
    just found your blog, i love it..
    following now, hope you do the same...
    great outfit :)
    kisses :)

  5. Love your blog and style!
    Biggest down of January was my physics exam (I dread my result haha)and biggest up was the snow probably :D
    Teenage Daydreams X

  6. Ik vind je haar korter ook echt heel leuk!

  7. Sounds like a great month for you! And congrats on the exam!

    xo, styledelight.blogspot.com

  8. Leuk leuk leuk! energie draining maar wel echt zo geweldig gaaf! En ik vind je nieuwe look helemaal leuk, niet dat er hiervoor fat and boring uit zag hoor haha.



  9. Mooie foto's, vooral de eerste! Wauwie, XX

  10. Love your new cut!!

    -xoxo- lorena


  11. Laatste foto is prachtig <3



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