15 things you don't know about us


We thought it would be fun to show you 15 things you don't know about us yet :-). Just to get to know us a little better.
Well, when it comes to us, you can be sure that we are two crazy ass girls with one big crazy brain! 

So let's start! Here are the 15 things:

1. We are terrible in polishing our nails.
We not only paint our nails, but also the rest of our fingers ;-)

2. We love to go out for a day and make that day as cheap as possible.
It's always a challenge to manage that ;-) (Like our little citytrips to Maastricht, Groningen and Amsterdam)

3. Tom Hardy is our No. 1 dream guy...

4. We love to keep everything as natural as possible: with our make-up but also with our personalities. We don't like clowns, so we definitely don't want to become one of them haha!

5. We like to show ourselves from an other side....
Crazy pictures and taking everything just not so serious as other people may do.
Okay, that may be the little clown part in us haha.

6. Everything and we repeat: everything that we see in stores or on webshops (even when we are not with each other), we like exactly the same things! Our wish lists are almost even with each other!

7. We LOVE tattoos.
The first two are Anouk her tattoos and the third one is Zoë her tattoo.
Would you love to see a post about our tattoos? :-)

8. We like to imitate people of characters from movies. Like Yoda from Star Wars with: "Defend the Sith you must, young Skywalker." Or as you already might know: Inglorious Basterds! 

9. We love an alcoholic drink from time to time.... ;-) Especially wine, fruit beer and cocktails!
Our favorite cocktail: The Pornstar Martini. (The one in the middle)

10. Zoë is two days older and ±10 centimeters taller than Anouk.

11. On a very certain day we will go to New York City.

12. We have a terrible thing with birthdays... (except for the fun parties)

13. We don't want to become young mothers. In ten years we will think about kids... But for now we enjoy our lives and going to see as much as possible of the world! Young, wild and free! (And still kids... Can you see who who is?)

14. We are scared to death for spiders and crabs.

15. We have a crazy sense of humor and we think about ourselves that we are super hilarious...
And we are not ashamed of that! Haha!

Well, this were 15 things you didn't know about us.... But now you do!
We hope that we have amused you today with this other kind of post.

Happy Friday! Thank god it's (almost) weekend!

xo Anouk & Zoë


  1. Great facts about you, Girls. Lovely pictures


  2. Super leuk om te lezen. Ik moet toch wel zeggen dat ik de eerste foto het mooist vind ;-)


    Chicks About Fashion

  3. Hah, wat een leuk artikel en leuke foto's!

  4. haha leuke post, vooral met de foto's erbij;)

    xx Laura

  5. Super leuke post meiden! Heel leuk om te lezen maakt het wat persoonlijker :) fijn weeked Xo

  6. the first pic is so funny!

  7. It was great getting to know you both better, I'm terrible at painting my nails too lol and you can't beat a good cocktail!

    A little bit Unique - Blog // Facebook // Bloglovin


  8. the 2nd, 5th, and last are the best I like somuch dear :D
    I love your day.. n I am somuch jelous for your tattos n that's nail polishing. hha...
    Go ahead !!!


  9. hahah I love the silly face shots, totally something I do as well :)

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  10. Haha hele leuke post, leuk om dat allemaal te weten te komen over jullie! mijn nagellak kunsten zijn vreselijk maar dan ook echt vréselijk en The Porn Star Martini is ook zeker mijn favo cocktail :)

    LOVE BO,


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