Inspiration / Jean Paul Gaultier S/S13

My mom and I like to watch the latest fashion shows back on youtube. We do this once in a while. 
Last weekend we watched a show of Jean Paul Gaultier, one of our favorite designers (besides Balmain, Matthew Williamson and Chanel). I find this Jean Paul Gaultier spring/summer '13 show so amazing, inspiring and creative that I had to share it with you! 

It's inspired by the 80's and by different big artists/bands from that time like Boy George, Michael Jackson and Madonna. My personal favorite is the "Boy George collection".
Click for more and watch the whole (fantastic!!) show.

Of course, the original dash pattern is not missing in the show. 

I also find it really fun to watch this show because the models are not always too serious but they're doing their thing on that catwalk! Love it! And the amazing (HOT!!) dancers in the background makes the show also more fun to watch. 

Well, what do you think about it? Are you just as excited about it as I am?
I really love the 80's and its different styles. And I think dat Mr. Gaultier has done an amazing job to translate those styles into a new collection.

XO Zoƫ


  1. Amazing! who would have thought these *0's icon would be influencing style now.
    Laura. xx


  2. I also love his collection, there are so many styles incorporated in it, and while it looks colorful and diverse, the main idea is clearly visible.
    I enjoy the Boy George influence the most, these outfits look so much fun!


  3. Wat gaaf, het heeft ook iets buitenaards ofzo! Lekker apart allemaal. x

  4. i love this designer so much,and also this collection.thank u posting

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  5. I love the 80's!
    Weer een heerlijke collectie dit!

  6. Wauwie, er worden ook echt hele mooie kleur combinaties gebruikt!

  7. It's a superb collection collection. What makes it so special is that, although the 80s have always been criticized and considered probably the worst fashion era(Think of the milli Vanilli jackets and pants), JP manages to make this collection exquisite from from first to last outfit.
    Really enjoyed your article and looking forward to seeing more covers on fashion shows!!

  8. Wauw wat een onwijs mooie collectie! x Laura

  9. Great collection! Definitely seeing the Michael Jackson/Madonna influence :)

    x Gi

  10. Adore Gaultier, oh to be rich and have a wardrobe full of his pieces

    A little bit Unique


  11. Ik ben er niet echt wild van! De laatste reeks vind ik wel het mooist!


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