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It's monday again and that means another instagram diary! In this instagram post you'll see a glimpse of my last two weeks. These two weeks were so busy, 'cause I had to work many hours at my new job. But I also had some amazing free time! I went with Zoë to the bloggers event, had a few birthdays, easter and many more festivities..

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Well o well, what do you see on these pictures?
These pictures are in sequence from two weeks ago until last weekend.

1. You can always wake me up for this! I really love licor 43 :-)
2. My sister is the best! She ordered pizza for me after a long day of work.
3. Best birthday present ever.
4. Selfie with my brand new sunglasses.
5. Reunited with my bestie after three long weeks, I've really missed her.. :-(
6. Easter dinner with my boyfriends family. It was a delicious rice table with a lot of wine.
7. Easter brunch with my own family.. Look at those yummy strawberries :-)
8. I really love going to the woods with the dogs. 
9. Fashionology @ CreamPR bloggers event.
10. Photoshoot picture from the style contest at the event. 
11. My new tattoo, it's a little bit swollen.
12. Cocktails with my friend Marloes.
13. My little Yoda! Look how cute Nina looks as Yoda, it could be twins, right?
14. Driving convertible during this amazing weather. Please, stay fine weather!
15. Going out for dinner with the family for my dad his birthday.

So, how were your last two weeks?
And do you have any special plans for upcoming week?

xo Anouk


  1. Leuk leuk! Mij kun je ook wakker maken voor liquor 43 :) xx

  2. That black and white picture is so amazing...


  3. leuke foto's vooral de 1e met de Fashionology items als ik 't goed gezien heb! mooi mooi mooooooi

  4. Fun pictures!
    Laura. xx


  5. Great pictures of the week, the blogger event looks like fun.


  6. Buenas imágenes!

  7. Wat een leuke foto's! Hmm, New York Pizza! :)

  8. wauw je tattoo is super cool!


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