Bloggers Break-up

As some of you might know, Anouk started with her own new blog Keys of Anouk.
I thought it would be nice to explain everything to you, incase you wondered why and what happened. 
Well, actually a lot happened. A lot great things, like our graduation, but also one big thing that's not that great: Anouk and I started to see each other a lot less then we were used to. We don't live in the same city, so it's a bit complicated to find time to see each other, especially because we're both busy with work. This all together made it more difficult to blog together. First we made outfit photos after school, or we blogged together at school. But now that we don't see each other that often anymore, it's much more difficult to discuss blog stuff. 
So we decided to "break-up" :P
But DON'T WORRY! Anouk and I are still Best Friends Forever and we will always be that! She's a real keeper for me. And actually, we both really like blogging apart. Now we can do completely our own thing with our own blogs! 

So, now a bit about Anouk her new blog, which you MUST check out and follow!
First, her lay-out is amazing! I'm thinking of getting a new one myself too. ;-)
Keys of Anouk is a fashion and lifestyle blog where Anouk writes about her dreams, lifestyle, inspirations and of course fashion. It's not that she completely changed her style or personality, it's just the same old Anouk as you know from The Daily Fashion Drug. 

Now you all know what was going on behind the scenes here at The Daily Fashion Drug. Of course I'll keep blogging here, but maybe not so daily when I used to. I'm very busy with work and other things. I hope you'll understand that :-)

I wish you all a lovely Sunday today! 
And make sure you check Keys of Anouk out, and follow her! 

XO Zoƫ


  1. Yeuuuuuuh, blog maatjes en vriendinnetjes voor altijd!


  2. Jammer dat jullie uit elkaar gaan! Ik snap het aan de andere kant wel hoor! Liefs

  3. Jammer! maar wel mooi om te horen dat er niks persoonlijks is en jullie nog steeds vriendinnetje zijn

  4. Jammer, maar gelukkig zijn jullie nog gewoon vriendinnetjes. En nu heb ik 2 leuke blogs om te volgen! ;)

  5. Ah, jammer zeg, maar wel heel begrijpbaar, ik zal Anouk haar blog even checken en zeker ook volgen, heel veel succes!
    Misschien vind je het leuk om mee te doen met mijn give-away?

    Liefs, Ypie

  6. Jammer, maar wel goed om te zien dat ze zelf doorblogt op haar prachtige blog!

    Xx Alex

  7. cool , I will check out her new blog :)



  8. Aah toen ik die titel las dacht ik 'waaat? dat kan niet!" Maar ik snap t wel haha (: ik ga anouk meteen volgen!

  9. Leukk! Ik ga Anouk nu ook gelijk volgen :) Xo

  10. Jammer! Maar ook leuk huh haha ik ga haar nieuwe blog bekijken xxxx


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