DIY / how to make a simple top

It's DIY time! How to make a simple top? Well, in 5 simple steps you have your own self-made shirt!
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I got my patterns from a very old Burda magazine from my mother. That's a magazine with lots of patterns for almost everything to make yourself. From blazers to pants, dresses to tee's.
When you found your perfect pattern you cut it out and pin it to the fabric. 
Now I must say, I don't have a lot of experience with this, so my mother helped me out with this step. It's very important that you pin the pattern on the right side of the fabric (always on the folded side).

Now you've pinned the pattern to the fabric, it's time to cut the fabric out. Make sure you use good scissors (one which is specially made to cut fabrics). You have to cut at least 1 cm from the egde of the pattern. You'll need this space for the seams.

Now you have to pay some attention! Haha!
Because now it's time to put the front and the back together. Of course, the question is: what do I have to sew together? Well, in the photo are both sides (front and back) folded. When you're going to sew, you unfold them and pin them together (as you can see below) and you'll see you have the full front and -back of your shirt. You sew the shoulders together, and also the long sides on both sides of course ;-). You need to hem the neck and armholes. 

I pin the good sides always on each other. This makes the sewing process a lot easier. It prevents the shifting of the fabric, so you can sew it perfectly.

Make sure, when sewing it together, you keep a little distance of about 5 mm between the needle and the border of the fabric. When you do that, you can finish the fabric very nice.

So, what do you think? Do you like the result?
And would you like to see more of these kind of tutorials?

I bought this fabric at the fabric-market in Utrecht and it only cost me 2 euros! And I have a big piece of fabric left, so I can also make a skirt out of it. That means: A shirt and a skirt for €2! Cheap huh?!

I hope this DIY is all clear to you. I find it very hard to explain all the steps in English. I don't know how to translate most of the words and terms into English. I'm sorry for that! I'm working on it! :-)

XO Zoë


  1. Woow!!!! The result is simply amazing!! I love it!! xoxo

  2. Wauw zeg, super knap! :D
    Het topje is echt leuk!


  3. Such a cool idea!
    Laura. xx

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  4. Ziet er echt superleuk uit!
    X Liza

  5. Waaaauw! Da's echt prachtig! Ik wou dat ik zo naaldvaardig was ;-) Want ik heb niet echt een naaimachine in de buurt :-/


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  7. Super leuk! Ik kan dat allemaal niet :( haha Xo

  8. the result is lovely! <3

    New post on my blog!

  9. Nice! Ga ik een keer proberen! x



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