Farouk Systems Bloggers Event

Yesterday I had the most amazing day at the headquarter of Farouk Systems. 
Farouk Systems is a world wide company that manufactures high quality professional hair care and spa products. You might know the products from Biosilk and CHI. Well, those products are from Farouk Systems. It was great knowing the company and I've learned a lot of it. 

Farouk Systems had organized a wonderful day for us (bloggers) with a delicious lunch, presentations from different hairdressers and famous hairstylists, a private performance from the "Beyonce of the Netherlands" Glennis Grace and a very, very, very nice goodiebag! 

Let the presentation begin!

Me with Glennis Grace and Miss Holland/Miss Chi Nathalie den Dekker. 
My Gosh! These women are gorgeous! 

Thank you Joy for the picture! 


Doesn't have Glennis Grace the most amazing voice? 

And here it is: THE GOODIEBAG! Farouk Systems let us choose three products of our own choice, so they could add them to the goodiebag. I chose for the Farouk Royal Treatment Super Volume Shampoo, the Farouk Royal Treatment Ultimate Control Hairspray and the Bioslik Slik Therapy: the most finest serum for skin and hair. 
That I got these three delightful hair products is one thing. But then Farouk Systems had an other surprise... Yes, a real CHI Dual Voltage Ceramic Hairstyling Iron! Oh. My. God! I'm so happy with it! I've never got curls that shined like diamonds like I have now, when I use this hairstyling iron. 
Maybe I'll make a hair tutorial where you can see how I curl my hair with this hairstyling iron. 

I can't say enough how great the event was! It was also so nice to see other bloggers and to actually get to know them.
I want to give a big THANK YOU shout-out to Farouk Systems and it's whole team! I had a splendid time. 

Are you familiar with Farouk Systems and CHI and Biosilk? And whats your favorite hair product to use? 

XO Zoë

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  1. Ziet er heel leuk uit en wauw, wat een gave goodiebag!

    Xx Alex

  2. Het was echt super gister! (: ik ben heel benieuwd naar de tang <3! Ik ga hem morgen meteen proberen (: die shampoo heb ik ook gekozen! :D ik vind hem erg fijn!

  3. Chi heeft de fijnste producten!! Lucky you ^_^

  4. Wat een leuke post heb je erover geschreven :D
    Ik hoop dat je blij bent met de productjes!


  5. Mooie foto's heb je gemaakt! Was echt een super leuke dag:)

    xx Laura

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