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It's monday again and that means another instagram diary! In this instagram post you'll see a glimpse of my last two weeks. I had a few days off, but also a very busy work schedule! But a lot of work hours means a lot of money, right? :p But I can't say it were two boring weeks, 'cause I had a lovely time with my boyfriend and friends. Like visiting Amsterdam or Utrecht, eating a lot of food and celebrating last queens's day.

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Well o well, what do you see on these pictures?
These pictures are in sequence from two weeks ago until last weekend.

1. Zoë and I said 'hi' from lovely Utrecht.
2. Special order for special me. Very good for my ego.
3. Beautiful Amsterdam with sunny weather.
4. Huggie time! Sometimes Nina crawls next to me like this, so sweet :-)
5. A cozy evening with my boyfriend, Dascha and her boyfriend.
6. Sunday is perfect for a long walk with the dogs.
7. Queen's day drinks with tortilla chips in the sun.
8. Cheers mates! :-)
9. Again: huggie huggie with my best hairy friend.
10. Pizza time with Dascha! A little tip: if you're ever in Utrecht, go eat at 'De Markt'.
11. Lovely gifts from Dascha. She's an intern at Farouk and gave these hair treatments. So sweet!
12. Lunch time with le boyfriend. 

How were your last weeks? Any special plans for upcoming week?
I have a few plans, so follow me on twitter or instagram (both anouk_tdfd) for updates!

xo Anouk


  1. I love the posts about your instagram adventures!
    Laura. xx


  2. Leuke foto's. Je hond is so cute.


  3. great summary pics!


  4. Nice photos, look like so much fun!

  5. Erg leuke foto's. De haarproducten zien er goed uit :)

    LOVE BO,

  6. I like when bloggers publish instagram pictures. It takes a bit more personal.


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