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New week, new instadiary!
Click for more to find out what I did the past two weeks.

But first, I have a little announcement to make. Anouk and I decided to go our own ways and follow our own paths with blogging. This means Anouk will start with a brand new blog. And I'll just keep on blogging here :-).
So this week may be going a bit quite for us when it comes to blogging, because we are very busy with preparing everything. From next week on we will be official two bloggers apart. A part of me is kinda sad about it, because we've reached so much together. But the other part is fine with it. It is also nice to have a space/blog which is totally of my own. And Anouk felt the same way about this. So it's all good!

And DON'T WORRY! Anouk and I are still Best Friend Forever And Ever!
And when Anouk her new blog is officially online, you'll be the first to know ;-).

So, what do you see on these pic's?

1. Fireworks on the last Queensday!
2. Beautiful Utrecht on Queensnight.
3. One of my favorite outfits I wore in this post
4. Beautiful sunset
5. Me and my best friend Anne were making Brownies for her birthday..... Well, we are true kitchenbosses! (NOT! ;-))
6. Yummy pasta salad at the Singel in Utrecht with Anouk
7. My best friend forever and me!
8. This is so inspiring for me.
9. Beautiful flowers in our garden
10. The place where Anouk and I shirt this outfit. 
11. Delicious pasta my mommy made for me.
12. The best way to start the day!
13. Up-side-down-selfie
14. Rosé with Anne at Queensday.
15. The beautiful fabric I used to make a simple top, which you can all read about here.

Of course, you should not forget to follow me on instagram! My username is: zoe_tdfd.

Have a lovely Monday everyone!

XO Zoë


  1. Wat heb jij een mooie instagram! Ik ga je straks zeker volgen. De lay out van jullie blog is echt prachtig trouwens!

  2. Love the photos! I'm curious what both the blogs are gonna look like. Are they going to be the same concept? xx


  3. Leuke foto's! Ik ga je volgen op instagram! Ik volg jullie nu! Jullie hebben namelijk een hele leuke blog! Wel jammer dat Anouk een eigen blog gaat beginnen. Aan de andere kant snap ik het wel hoor! :) Liefs

  4. Lovely pictures! I'm excited to see your friend's new blog :) Thank you so much for your comment on my blog.
    Would you like to follow each other on GFC and instagram?


  5. Cute! I really like insta posts! I love to see little insights from your real life! :)


  6. Leuke foto's jammer dat jullie niet meer samen gaan bloggen, maar ben we benieuwd naar de blog van Anouk!


  7. You look so pretty and I love the quote, the best is yet to come

    Ellen // A little bit Unique // Facebook // Bloglovin


  8. wow beautiful!!!!:)

  9. Wat een leuke foto's! Vind de outfit van foto 3 heel leuk!

    X Laura


  10. Jammer dat jullie niet meer samen verder gaan met bloggen.


  11. Ik schrok, maar gelukkig zijn jullie nog steeds besties. Wel jammer dat jullie niet meer samen gaan bloggen, maar ook wel weer een nieuwe uitdaging voor jullie allebei.

    Succes voor jullie beide.



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