Graduationshow HKU

Yesterday I went to the Graduationshow of the HKU (Hogeschool voor de Kunsten/Academy of Arts).
A friend of my sister took part of it, and her collections was amazing! She designed a mens collection and I loved it. The other designers did also a great job. 
So you can say that there we're a lot of young-desingers talent!

Oh, and sorry about the blurry photos! It obvious that my camera is not the best one to use in the dark ;-) But I tried my best to make some good pics!

This is the collection my friend Bettie designed. She is so talented and made a beautiful menswear collection! To see more of her collection you can visit: http://cargocollective.com/bettie

This collection was also one of my favorites. It had a kind of Ninja-style, but the fabrics and colors were beautiful! 

And here you see all the designers with their models. The show was so fun to watch and the designs were amazingly creative. 

It was so cool to be there! I wish I could buy some of the clothes. Most of the collections were wearable and the designers used such good fabrics... Damn! I wish I would find those on the fabrics market! 

The show inspired me to make more clothes of my own. So, maybe a DIY-project is comping up... :-)

XO Zoƫ

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  1. Wat tof dat je daar bij was! Ga jij maar snel lekker naaien en DIY'en.. dan kan je over een tijdje ook je collectie daar presenteren hehe :p

    xo Anouk

  2. Really great collections!


  3. What an amazing show!
    Laura. xx


  4. Echt gaaf dat je daar was zeg! !:D Ziet er super uit!

  5. great !!!


  6. Such a great collection!!!

    Happy Weekend,




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