Instagram adventures

It's Monday again so that means: a new instagram diary! It's been a fun week for me, so let me show you all the fun things I did last week.

So, let me tell you what I have been up to last week...

1. My summer essentials part 2! Which you can see in Saturday's post. 
2. Yesterdays Sunday Chillings with my best friend Jasmijn. We had an amazing dat with a little event in our home town, a great dinner and a lovely evening! That's how Sunday should be every week :-)
3. Delicious Swirl icecream!
4. Drinks with my dad in the city
5. My new kicks!
6. My sister brought me this amazing bracelet from Berlin. I love it so much!
7. Again, the bracelet with the cute packaging says in German: 'Du bist die schönste' means: You are the prettiest.
8. My spooky cat behind the curtain haha
9. :-)
10. A delicious risotto meal I made with my best friend Anne before we went to a party in Amsterdam
11. Crazy me and Anne in Amsterdam :D
12. Beautiful flowers on a very sunny day in the backyard! Spring/Summer had finally arrived (for real this time!)

And how was your week? Did you do any fun things?

Enjoy your day!
XO Zoë

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  1. Super leuke foto's (: heerlijk ijsje hihi!

  2. Love those beautiful flowers!
    Laura. xx


  3. leuke foto's! de kanten diner kleedjes zijn mooi zeg!

  4. Ik vind je instagram altijd leuk! Xo

  5. that icecream looks so pretty and yum! :)

    Metallic Paws

  6. Awh I love to see these kind of pictures, so lovely! x

  7. Leuke foto's! Ben benieuwd naar de outfit van de eerste foto :)


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