Instagram Adventures

Time for a new Instagram diary! Last week the weather was gorgeous. Everyday I had the summervibes! I also received a couple packages, and it was my fathers and sisters birthday. And I was finally reunited with Anouk.
So, it was a fun and excited week!

So, let me tell you some more about my fun week.

1. Me and Anouk, finally reunited!
2. Beautiful Dom church in Utrecht
3. Summertime!
4. And that means: Cherries!
5. A blue/raspberry cheesecake I made for my sisters 24th birthday.
6. Package #1!
7. And this is what's inside the box! You can read here all about these wonderful products.
8. At the park in Utrecht for a good party for my sisters birthday!
9. And package #2! It's from VintageStore.nl, which is an amazing webshop! You can read here what was in this package... :-)
10. Beautiful Amsterdam
11. Greatest start of the weekend: sunshine, new ELLE Magazine and some fresh juice!
12. Pretty flower
13. My ensemble of last Saturday. Outfit post is coming soon!
14. More of the pretty flowers in the backyard
15. Last nights sunset. No filter needed! With these kind of photos I realize that the Dutch countryside is pretty amazing.

So, how was your week? And do you have any big plans for the upcoming week?
I'm going to work a lot this week, but I have also a graduation fashionshow from a friend to visit and in the weekend I'll spend time with my girls!

XO Zoë


  1. Super leuke foto's! Happy bday to ur sister =D!

  2. Leuke foto's! En nog gefeliciteerd met je zus;)

    xx Laura

  3. Leuke foto's!
    En natuurlijk nog gefeliciteerd met je zus :-)

  4. Wat een leuke foto's jaq! Als nummer 1 volger op Instagram kende ik ze natuurlijk allemaal al. En dat mokkel op foto 1 is echt lekker :D

    ntb allez

  5. Ook deze week zijn ze weer heel leuk! Xo

  6. Hele leuke foto's, klinkt als een leuke week!

    Xx Alex

  7. Leuke foto's en gefeliciteerd!

  8. Love the pics! that blue raspberry cheesecake--Yum!
    XX, Elle @

  9. Super leuke foto's! Volg je graag op instagram :D

    X lisa



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