Made in Heaven

As you can read here, I went to the Farouk Systems bloggers event a few weeks ago. I went home with a very good filled goodiebag (including a famous CHI hairstyling iron). 
This week I got an other package form Farouk Systems! Just in time for Summer, which has officially began this week here in Holland! Click for more to read all about these wonderful products.


So, three of these bottles were in the package I received this week! You can guess which one, right?
Biosilk Summer Therapy is especially for hair that is damaged by the sun, beach, pools and wild summer nights ;-). The package says that they were made in the USA, but I know for sure they were made in heaven! 

1. Biosilk Summer Therapy Silk Protect.
This is moisturizing leave in treatment that protects your hair from harmful UV rays, thermal damage and premature color fading. Well, after a day full of sun-tanning I can definitely say that I protected my hair from the UV rays. At the end on the day my hair was still very soft and shiny!

2. Biosilk Summer Therapy Silk.
A leave in silk which as a reconstructing treatment to repair your hair. When you've used this in your hair, it feels like pure silk! So soft! It's for all hair types, so that's also a good thing, right?

3. Biosilk Silk Therapy.
This product is kinda like the Biosilk Summer Therapy Silk. Except it doesn't protect your hair from UV rays. But it's great to use it before you style your hair with a hairstyling iron or hairdryer. It protects the hair from the heat and it makes your hair also incredible soft and shiny. This is my favorite hair product of all time!

4. Biosilk Summer Therapy Silk Bath.
This is a shampoo that makes sun-damaged hair smooth, soft and healthy again. I tried it once and it smells so good (just like all the other products, by the way). After I washed my hair with it it felt healthier, more thick and soft at the same time... Is that possible? YES! Because it's made in heaven ;-)

These products are perfect for my hair. I have very quickly dead ends in my hair. But when I use my Biosilk daily, they just disappear as snow for the sun. My hair is smooth, it shines like diamonds and it's much more healthier.

Have you ever used one of these? I'm also very curious for the CHI hair treatment products. I hear a lot of good things about CHI. But at the moment, nothing can compare to my amazing Biosilk Products. 

All and all I'm deeply in love with these Biosilk Products...

XO Zoƫ

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  1. Oh my. Zo jaloers dat je een CHI stijltang mee kreeg - bummer dat ik nog in Londen zit... x

    Raves 'nd Ramblings
    I'm also on bloglovin'.

  2. Klinkt als fijne producten!

    Xx Alex

  3. Leuke post! Ik ben echt dolllll op alles. Die summer lijn ruikt zo lekker maar wil alles bewaren tot me vakantie hihi. Hopen dat het lukt! Xo

  4. Leuk artikel heb je er van gemaakt! Ik wacht net zo als Joy nog even op mijn vakantie. Dan heb ik het heeeeeel hard nodig.


    Kiki | Chicks About Fashion

  5. I wish I could find in in Bangkok,Thailand!


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