The Hunt for Perfect Sunglasses

I am craving for the perfect sunglasses lately. Yes, I already have a few pair, but the quality of those sunnies are not that good. (Except for my rounded sunglasses from River Island). 
But I want to invest in a good pair of sunglasses which are good for my eyes, looks good on me (Duh! ;-)) and have the right protection from harmful UV-rays.

So, I recently discovered House of Fraser, an online department store that sells almost everything you can think of! And of course, they have lots and lots of sunglasses in their assortment! They also wrote a mini-blog about the perfect sunglasses for this season. You can check it out here.
I really love their picks for the perfect sunglasses for this season, but I also made my own little selection.  

So I picked my three favorite sunglasses from House of Fraser. I've chose these sunnies because of the shapes and colors. They are all different and classic models which are timeless and always good to wear. It's so hard to choose which one is my favorite! 

I chose the Miu Miu sunglasses because of the beautiful shape. It's a mix between cat-eye and rounded. I also love the color of the frame. But maybe it's too bright for me.

The Ray-Ban Wayfarer is a true classic when it comes to sunglasses. I know that this frame looks good on me, and I love the dark tortoise. 

The last one I chose is the Prada Linea Rossa. This frame looks a bit like the one from Miu Miu. But I like this one because it's black, and the inside of the frame has a sort of ethnic print, which I really love. 

I think I need to find a perfect balance between these three sunglasses. But that's quite hard to find in sunglasses...

So, what do you think? Which one is your favorite?

XO Zoë

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  1. You HAVE to tell me where you got your clutch from - it's amazing! x

  2. Je moet gewoon numero twee kopen jaq! Dat wil je nu zolang haha :p

    xo Anouk

  3. Gaaf! Ik vind de Ray Ban en de Prada bril erg mooi :)

    Heb zelf nogal een zonnebrillentik, oeps!

    Xx Alex

  4. oef...!! De keuze is wel erg lastig!!
    Ik ben zelf helemaal gek op de RayBan Brillen, maar ik moet toegeven je eerste keuze is ook wel erg leuk!!

    Ik zou voor nummer 1 gaan :)


  5. Ik vind de eerste het mooist,maar ik vind ze allemaal erg mooi!
    Ik ben echt een groot fan van Ray ban zonnebrillen,ik heb er ook weer een met me verjaardag gekregen,met groen glas erin!
    Ik heb een zonnebrillen tik!hahah Hij staat al op mijn blog!

  6. Miu miu. I love that one. Die zal je ook heel goed staan!!


  7. This year there are so many styles of sunglasses around. love your picks!
    Laura. xx


  8. De eerste!!
    Die clutch is ook echt heel gaaf!! Die wil ik haha


  9. Mooie brillen! Ray Ban blijft toch altijd mijn favoriet! Liefs

  10. Even I love sunglasses.
    My latest purchase were Oakley with mirrow effect glasses
    RayBan r a must have, very classy!


  11. Really great sunglasses, my favorite ones are number 1 (Miu Miu)!


  12. Ik vind de eerste zonnebril het mooist!


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