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Better late than never: A new instadiary!
At this moment, I already get sweaty from writing this blog. One word: Heatwave! 
This is also the reason why I posted this article just a few minutes ago and not this morning. It's just too damn hot to work! Haha! Instead of working I've been suntanning and swimming all day. It was so nice. Until I cut my toe with something sharp that was on the bottom of the river. Autch...!
But let me tell you about my week. It has been very relaxing and the weekend was super fun. I went to my friend in Hengelo together with my sister. We had an amazing time!

1. Ready. Set. TAN! 
2. Cozy evening in the backyard
3. YAY! I'm in CosmoGIRL! Have you already seen it? Click here for the article about it. 
4. Chilling in te park in Utrecht
5. Enjoying my 'fashionable' coke
6. Summer nights...
7. Bought a new fabric to make a blouse and skirt! What do you think?
8. In the train from a super fun weekend in Henglo
9. Hi, Hengelo!
10. This was actually today, my 'ensemble' before swimming
11. My favorite sunnies
12. Delicious fruit mix of melon, strawberry and banana with coconut milk! Yum!

This week is also a very nice and relaxing week for me. I'm lucky that I don't have to work too much with this super hot (but great) weather. 

What are you up to this week? 

XO Zoƫ

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  1. Leuke foto's! Vooral die eerste met je zonnebril en de reflectie van je telefoonhoesje is echt onwijs gaaf. X


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