Amsterdam Fashion Week: The Show

Last Saturday Anouk and I went to the show of MaryMe-JimmyPaul at the Amsterdam Fashion Week. 
It was so nice to be there again, and to be a part of it. We had a great time. The show was amazing and it was nice to meet up with fellow-blogger Joy again!

ph by me and www.KeysofAnouk.nl
I loved this show!
The designs were very eccentric, but I liked it. I think the collection is very creative and inspiring.
But I guess it's always very inspiring to go to fashion week. There are so many beautiful people and everybody looks amazing. Unfortunately, I couldn't take photo's of the people who were there, because it was way too crowded!

Anyways, I really enjoyed the day. Hopefully I may visit more shows next season!

I'm back to studying now. I have four exams this week...Yikes..!
Have a lovely day!

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  1. Hoedjes brigade! Hahah het was gezellig dames! Ik vind de show er ook super uit zien :)]


  2. Leuk dat jullie bij die show waren! Jullie zagen er leuk uit! :)

    XX Sonja

  3. Ziet er heel leuk uit! Zo jammer dat ik dit jaar niet naar Fashion Week kon:(

    xx Laura

  4. Het was echt geweldig! Hopelijk wordt het aankomende zomer nog beter :) Enne Jaq, ik kan je filmpje niet zien :( xo

  5. Leuk! Dit lijken me echt heel bijzondere shows haha :-)

    ♥ Saskia


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