Back to basics

Lately I really don't know what to wear anymore. I feel like I've worn every outfit a 100 times (which is probably true). You would think that I need to shop in these kind of situations... Well, unlucky for me I can't afford it to go on a big shopping spree right now.
So since I'm so out of inspiration of what to wear I chose for a very simple and basic outfit. 
And I think there's is nothing wrong with that ;-)

primark coat / h&m beanie, blouse, gloves and bag / amigo boots / vans sunnies / cheap monday jeans

Do you ever feel that lack of inspiration of your daily outfits? And tell me, what is your cure about that? I could really use some help, haha.

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  1. Ik vind het een hele fijne outfit!


  2. Well shopping every nit and them is not something that I cannot afford too and I have realised that sticking to basics is the best thing sometimes like the outfit you are wearing..
    Simple yet stylish
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    Have a nice day

  3. Bep, maak je maar niet druk.. je ziet er altijd ontzettend leuk en vernieuwend uit! Ik vind 't een toffe outfit, vooral je jas en tas! xo


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