Romanian Beauty

I recently discovered a wonderful Romanian illustrator: Alice. She creates the most wonderful illustrations and prints. She also designs tops with her own Illustrations. This amazing project calls Mythologica. Every top has a silk front, a cotton back, and a feminine cut.
The illustrations are inspired by authentic stories about Romanian civilizations, myths and folklore. 

As the lucky girl that I am, I received the Bendis top from Alice. This beautiful top with a silk front is just perfect for summer. The design and illustration is so gorgeous! Every time I wear this top it feels like I'm wearing a piece of art. 

The story behing the illustration of the top makes it ever more special:
"Bendis is the thracian goddess of the woods, moon and family and there's evidence that shows she has been celebrated on our territory thousands of years earlier than in the Ancient Greece.

The W shape of the priestess is found on some of the oldest artefacts discovered in Romania, much later having been found in Greece. The Greeks and even the Romans seem to have borrowed some of our deities and traditions, many evidence showing that our territory was the melting pot of a very old and prosperous, spiritually and materialistically speaking, ancient civilization."

So, what are you waiting for?! 
Go and visit Alice's online boutique and discover all the beautiful tops yourself! 

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  1. the illustrations are just gorgeous, loved the top
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