FRIYAY: Weekend cocktail

A while ago I visited the Iconic Studios office and they gave me a gorgeous limited edition bottle of Grand Marnier. Grand Marnier keep on redesigning their bottles, and every year they are more beautiful as they were before. This time Grand Marnier chose for a 'French design': a stylish and classic design with French elements (like the colors of the French flag). And of course, a new delish cocktail that you MUST try: The French Artist.

The French Artist
The famous cocktail recipe 'Artist's Special' is the base for The French Artist. Julien Lafond came up with this recipe and gave it a real Grand Marnier-twist.

What do you need for this delicious cocktail:

· 30 ml Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge
· 15 ml VSOP-cognac
· 15 nl dry French vermouth
· 20 ml frech lemonjuice
· 20 ml red currants and vanilla sirup
· 20 ml egg-white
· Garnish: red currants with powdered sugar

How to make it:

· Mix all the ingredients in a blender
· Shake it without ice
· Add icecubes and shake it again
· Strain it twice and pour it into a margarita glass
· Add the garnish

Enjoy your cocktail!

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