A long time ago, in the 20's in Paris, Gertrude Stein gave Ernest Hemingway feedback about a story he wrote:
'It's good,' she said. 'That's not the question at all. But it is inaccrochable. That means it is like a picture that a painter paints and then he cannot hang it when he has a show and nobody will buy it because they cannot hang it either.' - Gertrude Stein in A Moveable Feast by Ernest Hemingway.
The meaning of accrochable is the exact opposite of inaccrochable: everything that is worth showing and sharing. And that's exactly the thing I want to do: sharing everything which I find worth to show and share. And that's the whole new definition of my personal blog.

My name is Zoƫ, a graphic designer and student Media, Information and Communication from Utrecht with an overflowing wardrobe and a passion for everything beautiful in life. Here on my blog I share my dreams and thoughts about personal style, lifestyle, fashion inspiration and beauty.


  1. Wat een super leuk idee dit, en heel erg persoonlijk zo!

  2. Super leuke blog! Ik ben trouwens het meisje met de hemelsblauwe nagellak van het Farouk-event haha :D


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